I chase natural lighting, embrace change, and live for the details.


Oscar Urizar

Oscar Urizar of Red Eye Collection Photography




I started out as a film major at the age of 19, with my first gigs centering around sporting events.

While still in college, my family and friends roped me into photographing their weddings. I loved the interaction and excitement of photographing these big weddings and decided to make wedding photography a full-time career. In 2010, I officially created Red Eye Collection.

Leah & Santi - Casa Real wedding photo - detail image with shoes and invitation




I strongly believe that wedding photography is more than taking pictures; it’s about creating an experience for the couple, knowing that they can count on me for pretty much anything even if it’s not photography-related.

Oscar Urizar with family


Bay Area Native


I married my high school sweetheart, Melissa, and together we have three adorable children. (New family photo coming soon!) We have always lived in the SF Bay Area and love having our relatives so close by. Also because of this, you'll find me to be the ultimate expert when it comes to San Francisco and all surrounding areas. I know all the best spots!

Mary and Bende - San Francisco City Hall wedding

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