You can have a beautiful, safe wedding even with COVID restrictions currently in place in the Bay Area. We are available to safely photograph your outdoor wedding. Our team of photographers are tested weekly to ensure increased safety for you and your loved ones.

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Our photographers are skilled at capturing intimate micro weddings. We have photographed weddings of every size, including tiny city hall weddings.

With a mini wedding and a limited guest list during this pandemic, it’s even more important to find a photographer who will capture every moment. It’s still your special day and you will create beautiful memories that deserve to be preserved. Our team has photographed weddings in San Francisco and the Bay Area since 2010. We’re prepared to photograph intimate, small, coronavirus-safe weddings in 2021.

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Testimonial from Nicole

“Do yourself a favor and hire Oscar! We booked him for our 2020 rescheduled wedding that was ultimately cancelled again due to covid in October. Oscar was one of the few vendors we encountered that was compassionate, fair, and kind when it came to having to cancel our contract. We decided to still do a photoshoot with him in our wedding attire and are so thankful we did!! He is such a talented photographer and a wonderful human being! All of our photos came back amazing and we had such a fun time with him shooting. We can’t wait to work with him again in the future!!”



Testimonial from Irene:

“I am so glad that we took the time and planned the photoshoot with Red Eye Collection. Even though 2020 has caused a lot of worries and inconveniences, I savor the little moments in life and try my best to be grateful for the small rewards and memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you so much for your work, your attention to detail, and your time spent creating amazing memories for me and my husband, Oscar.”

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What to Consider When


Local Restrictions & Venue Regulations

Stay up to date with the latest restrictions in your county. The Bay Area has been one of the hardest-hit areas in the country, and it's important to stick to the rules for everyone's safety. For the most up-to-date information, use this handy county search tool and select Weddings as your activity. If you're using a venue, communicate with them to learn more about what they require.

Create a Backup Plan

If this 2021 wedding is already your backup plan, it's time to create another backup plan - just in case. Shift your thinking and plan it with a positive open mind. This is your wedding, reimagined, and it's going to be a gorgeous and joyous day. If you're planning on using a venue with a couple of households and restrictions suddenly tighten, have a backup plan in place and make sure it's one you would be really happy with.

Focus on Your Priorities

Was having a lavish cake at the top of the list? Do it! How about a designer gown? Of course you can still have that! Photography? Absolutely! Wedding photos should always be top of the list for any wedding. It's the one thing that will preserve those memories for years to come. So get a good photographer to document all of your priorities on this unique wedding day.

Current Restrictions

At the time of this writing (March 2021), all Bay Area county restrictions are similar to one another.  These are some of the COVID restrictions currently in place that affect weddings:

  • Limit gatherings to no more than three households
  • No food and beverages
  • Indoor gatherings not recommended
  • Outdoor gatherings preferred

If you’re using a venue, communicate with them often to ensure that everyone is following the latest safety recommendations.

You can also add your own rules, such as masks, hand washing, social distancing, vaccination, or anything else that makes you and everyone else safer. Don’t plan a wedding with the burden of guilt; you don’t want to feel responsible for any coronavirus transmission as a result of your beautiful wedding day. So plan what will make you 100% comfortable!


Many venues are still available for weddings, with current restrictions in place. Venues with gardens, lawns, and other outdoor spaces are uniquely situated for pandemic weddings. It’s easier to arrange seating for your small guest list to socially distance appropriately. Reach out to your favorite venues and you’ll likely find a package perfect for your needs.

Many couples are opting for a more private, and naturally affordable, outdoor location. Since some are sticking to themselves and an officiant, they can host their wedding anywhere. COVID weddings are often in a backyard, local park, an Airbnb, or any lovely outdoor space.

If it’s just the two of you and some trusted loved ones in your current bubble, then you could certainly get married indoors if you prefer.

There’s more flexibility than you would originally think when planning a tiny wedding. Since your wedding party or guest list will be small, you can get married almost anywhere.


We know that you’ve made many compromises in your wedding planning. But you likely are relieved at the amount of money you’re saving from things like eliminating catering and scaling down the wedding cake.

Wedding photos will still be a top priority. The good news is that packages are often more affordable. Photographers also want to be safe and many are sticking to outdoor weddings, shorter timeframes, and simpler options. Our team also tests weekly to ensure further safety.

Take a look at our portfolio and send us a message if you have any questions about what COVID wedding photography looks like.

Don’t Postpone

In 2020, almost all couples postponed their weddings. The couples who did move forward with their wedding day ended up completely changing everything, typically having a virtual wedding.

Now, in 2021 with vaccines rolling out, couples are still postponing until they can have their dream wedding. That’s fine if some want to do that, but no one knows exactly how long they would have to keep postponing to have their perfect wedding.

Let’s redefine perfection when it comes to weddings. Even though it’s obvious, we’ll say it anyway: what really matters is the love the two of your have for each other. That love is what is celebrated. A beautiful, creative, unique wedding is more than possible right now. And you can make it happen exactly the way you want.