Jessica and Alex Golden Gate Park engagement photos

Golden Gate Park Engagement Photos

If you’re looking for a slice of natural beauty in the heart of San Francisco, look no further than Golden Gate Park. Golden Gate Park engagement photos are like none other as this location offers a variety of photo ops. The architecture is one-of-a-kind and spans from renaissance to modern. The main problem will be choosing which of the many areas along the 49-mile stretch of the park in which to take your Golden Gate Park engagement photos. Fortunately, we have years of experience photographing couples in Golden Gate Park. We know all the best spots.

Jessica and Alex chose a combination of locations in the park, including posing in front of a historic brick building. We also stopped at one of the many secluded glens throughout the park. Last but not least, we captured the loving couple through the window of a romantic restaurant.

We loved working with Jessica and Alex during our adventure through Golden Gate Park. We love the resulting photos. Of course, it helps that they are a very handsome couple, both inside and out!

Creative Style Mix

What fun it was working with Jessica and Alex! Our Golden Gate Park engagement photo session started casually in a wooded setting with jeans, boots, and plaid. They next changed it up with a stylish sweater for Alex and the romantic innocence of white lace for Jessica. Her outfit contrasted with some great rustic leather boots. After that, they finished off with “date night” outfits: Jessica with a chic shoulder-baring little black dress sporting a pop of bright red from a wide belt, and Alex in a suit vest and smart slacks. We made the most of the date night look through the window of a cozy little restaurant. During this session, Jessica smiled coyly out the window while Alex only had eyes for his love.

Brilliant Golden Gate Park engagement photos! Thank you for the opportunity to share our creative talents with yours! We wish you all the very best, Jessica and Alex, on your loving journey through your future!

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