Nisreen and David's Baker Beach engagement photo shoot

Baker Beach Engagement Photo Shoot

Give us an attractive couple and an incredible venue, and we will create a stunning Baker Beach engagement photo shoot. In all of San Francisco, few compare to Baker Beach when it comes to breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge. There are also spots nearer the bridge for the clothing-optional aficionados, yards of beach others use for fishing, and many romantic nooks and crannies that are great for photography. It can sometimes be a challenge to avoid other visitors to this popular beach when taking pictures. Engagement photos are about the couple and only the couple. But as far as these photos show, Nisreen and David were the only ones at Baker Beach that day!

Although it’s always a bit on the chilly side here, Nisreen and David bravely shed the outerwear to capture some great shots for their engagement session. It was worth the goosebumps!

Best Friends

It’s so special when we get to witness two people who are best friends as well as a romantic couple. Nisreen and David have great chemistry, and it was a joy to be around them. We guide couples to bring out the best of their personalities and their best features. We bring out the magic of their relationship. However, during this session, Nisreen and David needed little guidance. It was apparent throughout this Baker Beach engagement photo shoot how much they love and appreciate each other!

Wardrobe Changes

Baker Beach and the nearby Presidio are both perfect for engagement photos. Nisreen maximized the opportunity by changing colors and styles to get some wonderful shots. Boots or pumps, barefoot or not, tucked or untucked, smiling or thoughtful, laughing or serious, posing or candid…they both looked awesome in every shot!

We were honored to create this lasting memory of your wonderful relationship, and can’t wait to do the same at the wedding! We know that it will be an amazing event because you are an amazing pair of Best Friends!

Baker Beach Engagement Photos

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