Indian Wedding at a Napa winery, Napa wedding photographer Red Eye Collection - henna on hands, holding ring

Ruby & Tyler + Hopper Creek Winery + Napa Wedding Photographer

Napa Wedding Photographer

As wedding venues go, few come close to scenic Napa. Since it's located between two mountain ranges, Napa hosts unique soil and climate that are like few in the world. Thus, Napa is ideal for growing a variety of grapes which supports vibrant tourism and winemaking industries. Due to all this, there is an abundance of wedding venues. What is more romantic than a toast to true love with a glass of good wine? Ruby and Tyler chose a lovely setting for their wedding in Hopper Creek Winery, located in the heart of this beautiful region. We were blessed to be their Napa wedding photographer for their gorgeous wedding.

Photos of the stunning couple amidst the grapevines provided dramatic perspective and drama in every shot. This opportunity it what a Napa wedding photographer dreams about!

Indian and Jewish Wedding Traditions Combined

The real story here was the fascinating blend of Jewish and Indian cultures. For the Indian traditions, Ruby provided the incredible wedding gown, jewels, makeup and intricate henna hand paintings. All of this made for exciting and unique Indian bridal photos. We were honored to enter that sacred space and record those precious moments.

These weddings are so much fun, as they give us the opportunity to highlight the colorful side common of Indian weddings. We loved photographing the lush garlands of bright golden marigold blossoms. Under this colorful backdrop, Tyler masterfully broke the glass which is a time-honored Jewish wedding custom. The movement and strong lines of every aspect of this wedding turned these wedding photos into fine art. The expression of joy and surprise on the couple's faces during the Jewish chair dance was something this Napa wedding photographer will never forget.

Thank you, Tyler and Ruby, for this unique experience of cultural cooperation. May your marriage be a loving mix of these fine traditions!

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