China Beach engagement photo by Red Eye Collection in San Francisco
The incredible China Beach with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background

When scoping out the best spots for wedding or engagement photos on a San Francisco beach, it’s likely you’ve come across Baker Beach. Since it has excellent views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Baker Beach is a wildly popular spot for photo ops and get-togethers alike. Due to its popularity, we find that this beach is way too crowded most days of the week.

Enter China Beach, located in the Seacliff Neighborhood of San Francisco just north of the Sutro Baths.  We’re hesitant to even give this incredible location away! China Beach has felt like our private little secret for so long. When it comes to engagement and wedding photos, China Beach has it all: a sandy beach with no crowds, easy parking and incredible views of the Golden Gate Bridge.  You may not be as close to the Golden Gate as you would be at Baker, but all the other benefits more than make up for it.  China Beach is also easy to access, so it’s perfect for all types of photos: engagement photos, wedding photos or even photos after a San Francisco City Hall wedding.  We’ve done it all.

China Beach, which is a small sheltered cove, once served as an area for Chinese fisherman to camp during the Gold Rush era and through the early 1880s. There is a marker at the beach that is engraved with this: “Since gold rush times, this cove was used as a campsite by many of the Chinese fisherman who worked in and around San Francisco Bay. Their efforts to supply the needs of a young city helped establish one of the area’s most important industries and traditions. Gift of Henry & Diana Chung Family 1981.”

Whether you’re a couple searching for a perfect beach for photography, or a family looking for a local beach to enjoy, China Beach is the perfect spot.

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