Della and Henry's San Francisco City Hall elopement

Della and Henry are a beautiful couple, inside and out. They are practical, motivated, and loving people and it was a joy to photograph their frugal San Francisco City Hall elopement. We loved every aspect of this wedding!

Della and Henry met years ago, and dated for five years while they both finished school and started their careers. Della is now a teacher and Henry a firefighter. Once they were both done with school and beginning to establish their careers, they knew it was time for the next big step in their lives. One Friday afternoon in January 2016, they headed to Half Moon Bay. While they may not be “beach people,” they love to trek out there due to the beautiful dog beaches. Mostly though, Della feels connected to her late mother while out there, as her mom loved the ocean.

The Proposal

As they were walking their dog along the gorgeous coastline, Henry asked Della to take Zoe’s leash so he could tie his shoe. That’s what he pretended to do, anyway! Such a classic yet cute move. As Della started to walk a little, she turned back to see Henry romantically awaiting her on one knee. She, of course, said yes and was so proud of Henry for picking such a perfect spot for their engagement. Della felt like her mom’s spirit was right there with them.

A Frugal San Francisco City Hall Elopement

They knew that they wanted a small and simple wedding, especially since they tend to be frugal. All they needed were, as Della said, “excellent photos, family, and beer!” And they got all three! We think they especially scored on the first one!

As Della put it, “It was a busy morning until we arrived at SF City Hall and Oscar from Red Eye Collection took over. He made the whole day a breeze. From knowing when and where to go, to wrangling family members and, of course, taking such beautiful photos, he truly made such a positive impact on the day. We are still in awe and so appreciative of his kindness and knowledge.” Della, thank you so much for the kind words. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of City Hall and strive to make every couple feel as comfortable as possible while simplifying every step.

After their lovely and frugal San Francisco City Hall elopement, Della and Henry met up with their closest family and friends at Faction Brewing in Alameda for some pizza, cupcakes, and beer. It was a gorgeous day with blue skies in San Francisco, and Faction has excellent views of the bay. Della told us that the whole wedding day was “simple, but it was so meaningful and special and exactly what we wanted.”

Thank you, Della and Henry, for sharing your day and your story with us!


Flowers: Trader Joe’s
Dress: Zappos
Makeup & Hair: Rae Talbot Salon
Della’s shoes: DSW
Henry’s suit: Men’s Warehouse

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