Devon and David City Hall and Cable Cars wedding photos

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We are so excited to share this wedding with you all! It’s not unusual for couples to travel from all over the world to get married at SF City Hall. However, it’s a bit more unusual to have partners from two completely different parts of the world, who ended up choosing San Francisco as a halfway point. They even ended up opting for a private ceremony at SF City Hall! Devon is originally from the UK, and David is from Australia. They met while living in Canada in 2006, in Vancouver, B.C. After spending some time in Canada, they decided to move down under to David’s hometown, Melbourne.

Once in Australia for a while, David decided it was time to pop the question – outside a burger food truck on a Friday night! It was June 2015, nine years after they first met, and the wedding planning began. Since their families are so far apart, they had to decide on a place that was equally convenient for everyone. There were some friends in the US they wanted to include as well, so they settled on San Francisco. From there, they made the easy decision to get married at City Hall.

Arrival in San Francisco

When Devon and David arrived in San Francisco, they checked into their Airbnb in Noe Valley. We love this little niche area; it’s so cute and full of interesting shops.

As they were exploring, they walked past French Tulip and Devon decided last minute to get a bouquet. “I actually wasn’t going to get a bouquet,” she told us, “But we walked past this place as it was close to our Airbnb and just asked for something small….and my bouquet was one of my favourite things about the wedding.” Plus, she scored a beautiful peony arrangement, dotted with roses and hydrangeas. She loved it so much she held onto it for their entire honeymoon.

Getting Married at SF City Hall

Devon and David intentionally kept the guest list small at only 19 guests. Since they opted for a private ceremony at City Hall, they had no issues like they would with a civil ceremony. In a civil (or, public) ceremony, only six guests are technically permitted to attend. With a weekday private ceremony, couples can bring up to 100 guests! So, 19 guests was a small wedding but it was more than we usually see couples bring during their civil ceremonies.

The day of the wedding, the excitement was palpable. Everyone was excited to be together again, celebrating the love and relationship between Devon and David. Since they didn’t know San Francisco very well, they invited us to show them around and take them to our favorite spots for photos. We chose Pier 7 and the Cable Cars, as those are two of our favorite spots for photos in San Francisco. Devon and David especially loved the Cable Car photos: “We loved that they were touristy and they well received by our friends and family because they were very San Francisco!”

We love guiding couples around San Francisco. Even in SF City Hall itself, we know all the best places for photos. It was easy for Devon and David to leave it all to us.

Unforgettable Reception and Honeymoon

After the lovely ceremony, they all headed to Waterfront Restaurant for an informal reception. But there was some drama. In the middle of dinner, the restaurant had to be evacuated due to a fire! Despite this little setback, they had a wonderful day, especially since they followed up their evacuation with drinks at 83Proof. And now they have a story to share from this unforgettable day!

After saying their goodbyes, Devon and David headed off to their honeymoon. They rented a Mustang and drove up 101 to Portland, which is an absolutely breathtaking drive up north. They really enjoyed all the scenery along the way.

Closing words from Devon: “Everyone had a great time in SF, and one of our favourite things was that it felt like a big holiday with our family. Our wedding was very low key. For us, it was about celebrating our love and relationship with our nearest and dearest.”


Dress: Camilla and Marc (Australian brand)
Suit: Dom Bognato (Australian brand)
Devon’s hair: BlowDry Bar Downtown
Flowers: French Tulip

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