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Erica & Wilson’s Destination Wedding to San Francisco City Hall

Erica and Wilson showing their tattoos - San Francisco City Hall wedding photos

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography

After 8 years together, Erica & Wilson, an incredibly sweet couple living in North Carolina could think of no better place to get married than San Francisco. And lucky us, they chose Red Eye Collection for their San Francisco City Hall wedding photography! San Francisco City Hall is a very favorite wedding venue from a photographer’s point of view. We want our couples to look and feel amazing in every photo, so we make sure to take advantage of the incredible architecture with its rich layers of history. This building replaced the old City Hall that was destroyed by the 1906 earthquake in less than a minute. The current City Hall is a magnificent monument to San Francisco’s resilience; it only took two years to build, compared to 27 years for the original building. Its dome, with baroque Parisian influence, rises 42 feet higher than that of the National Capitol building.

Due to all this, we completely understand Erica and Wilson’s decision to travel all the way across the country to spend the most important moments of their lives here in SF!

True Love

There’s something about the way they look at each other. Something magical. They have this glow on their faces, this sparkle in their eyes that simply cannot be any more filled with joy. It’s not just that they’re ridiculously gorgeous and in love. It’s something more. You see the deep connection that naturally exists between them – the delight they feel in the presence of one another and their mutual joy is insanely contagious. Trust me, I know. My facial muscles are still recovering from smiling so much.

Simplicity Amidst Grandeur

It was an incredible honor to document the simplicity of the day. Plus, it was clear that simplicity meant a lot to them. Their choices of classically simple dress and suit styles were perfect for the day. The fun element of showing off their tattoos after the ceremony made for some epic San Francisco City Hall wedding photos. Erica & Wilson are incredibly warm, happy people. Spending the afternoon with them felt like being with good friends. They smile, laugh, and love; I felt incredibly privileged to be able to be around such a joyful presence. Erica & Wilson, wishing you a lifetime filled with the joy and love you will bring to the many lives you touch!


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