Jenna & Stephan’s SF City Hall Wedding

closeup, intimate bride and groom at SF City Hall
love Jenna's tattoos!!!

Early last fall, Jenna and Stephan had a beautiful wedding ceremony at San Francisco City Hall. They were already familiar with City Hall well in advance of wedding planning, as Jenna works just a few blocks away. Getting married there kept things simple and local.

Another bonus to getting married so close to work is that Jenna's colleagues were able to attend! They even coordinated their clothing in pink and red, which matched the balloons they had ready for them outside. After the ceremony and after most of the photos were taken, we headed outside to greet the group, who excitedly blew bubbles for the happy couple. The bubbles and balloons together with the matching outfits made for some really cute pictures.

friends and family blow bubbles

15 Years in the Making

Jenna and Stephan met in 2003 while in high school. They were friends for five years and started writing letters to each other while Stephan lived in Fresno and Jenna lived in Berkeley. After a few weeks of these letters, they officially started dating. They quickly fell in love, and Stephan moved to the Bay Area to be with Jenna. They've been inseparable ever since.

Early last year, Stephan gave a simple, intimate, and heartfelt proposal. They decided to have their wedding ten years after their dating anniversary, so since they started dating in the fall of 2008, getting married in the fall of 2018 was a perfect choice.

bride and groom SF City Hall wedding photoSimple Wedding

A San Francisco City Hall wedding is a perfect, simple way to get married without making it feel like a "city hall wedding." It's affordable, beautiful, and intimate while in a public setting. Getting married at SF City Hall means you don't have to worry about the decor at all, as the architecture itself provides amazing ambiance and photos. Most couples only worry about their clothing and a bouquet. Jenna used the popular, local to San Francisco, Farmgirl Flowers for her bridal bouquet.

Like many couples, Jenna and Stephan decided to celebrate further after the ceremony. For some couples, they head to a restaurant for a simple reception. For Jenna and Stephan, they celebrated with Jenna's family in Clovis a few days later. A ceremony at city hall followed by a small reception at the parents' house makes for an affordable, simple, intimate wedding. We love this!

Congrats Jenna and Stephan! It was a pleasure to meet you and photograph you and your beautiful friends and family.

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