Top Five Restaurants & Private Dining for Your San Francisco City Hall Wedding Reception

UPDATED October 22, 2023

If you're in the middle of planning your SF City Hall wedding day and are looking for options for dining out after the ceremony, you're in the right place!

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COVID Requirements

As of February 2023, San Francisco restaurants no longer require proof of vaccination for all guests.

However, some businesses that require their guests and staff to be vaccinated do require proof. Make sure that your vaccine card is up to date. To expedite this process, California has a Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Record. On that page, fill out a form and you'll receive your own QR code and digital copy of your vaccination record.

How These Restaurants Made the List

All restaurants on our list meet the following requirements:

  • Open on weekdays
  • Open during the day, since civil ceremonies begin at 8:15am
  • Provide private or semi-private dining spaces
  • Ideally, natural light for the best photos
  • Different cuisine and vibe from other options on the list

Everyone has different styles and requirements when it comes to their ideal dining experience, so you will find at least one on this list that feels perfect to you.

Restaurant Overview

Visual chart of all restaurants listed in this post

Quick List

Jump to any of the restaurants in the top five:

E&O Kitchen and Bar
Wayfare Tavern
La Mar Cebicheria Peruana

Make sure to scroll to the end for our honorable mentions! These are all excellent choices but have a few limitations, mainly in regard to opening hours and days of the week.

Now, on to the list!

Top Five Restaurants for your San Francisco City Hall Wedding Reception

These are not sorted in any particular order! We highly recommend each one.

E&O Kitchen and Bar

Cuisine: California Asian

Decor: Modern, Trendy

E&O dining room from above
Photo courtesy of E&O

E&O Kitchen and Bar provides more dining options than any other restaurant on our list. They get a fair amount of small groups after SF City Hall weddings.

The most popular dining rooms are the E&O Room and the Loge. They typically host groups of 20 to 25 people, so those two rooms are ideal choices. The third most common choice is the Pearl Room which is perfect for small groups of 12 to 14 guests.

E&O’s full list of wedding dining options is located on their website, which we will now go through one by one in order of group size.

E&O - Private Dining Option One: Pearl Room

Seats 10 - 14 guests

The Pearl private dining room at E&O in San Francisco
The Pearl Room, photo courtesy of E&O

Located on the main floor, the Pearl Room is the newest and most intimate addition to the private dining options that E&O offers. The Pearl Room is separated from the rest of the restaurant by a carved antique wooden door. Once seated, you’ll enjoy the gorgeous walnut table surrounded by a Shantung Scroll wall covering. There is also a 65 inch flat screen TV/Monitor that’s perfect for a slideshow of the happy newlyweds.

E&O - Private Dining Option Two: Loge

Seats 25 guests 

E&O restaurant, The Loge area, an open reservable space for after a SF City Hall wedding
The Loge, photo courtesy of E&O

The Loge is more open than The Pearl Room, as it’s located on the Mezzanine Level overlooking the main dining room. It also seats twice as many as The Pearl Room, allowing more flexibility in your guest list. The light and lively space, coupled with fantastic cuisine, create a perfect choice for your SF City Hall wedding reception.

E&O - Private Dining Option Three: E&O Room

Seats 36 guests, or 60 standing

E&O restaurant in San Francisco, a large private dining room showing a long table with several chairs on either side
E&O "Space" - Photo courtesy of E&O

This slightly larger room is a nice balance in E&O’s private dining options. Located with a unique view overlooking bustling Sutter Street, the E&O Room is a semi-private area on the mezzanine level. In this separate space, guests will enjoy each other’s company while partaking in the fun vibe of the rest of the restaurant.

E&O - Private Dining Option Four: Cinnabar Room

Seats 54 guests, or 80 standing

Cinnabar Room of E&O, a completely private room downstairs that seats up to 75 guests - multiple round tables with tables shown, plus a few cocktail tables
Cinnabar Room, photo courtesy of E&O

The Cinnabar Room is a completely private room located downstairs at E&O. Leather chairs, wood-beamed ceiling, and red walls create a comfy, elegant space ideal for wedding receptions. However, since this space accommodates up to 75 guests, it’s not a typical choice for smaller SF City Hall receptions.

E&O Private Dining Options Five, Six, and Seven (for Larger Groups)

The majority of San Francisco City Hall wedding receptions are small and intimate. However, there are a select few couples who opt for private city hall weddings that accommodate up to 100 guests. Then there are others who have a small ceremony but join their larger guest list for a fun-filled reception. If you fall into one of these groups, you’ll need one of E&O’s larger spaces! These include the North Mezzanine, Full Mezzanine, or full buyout of the entire restaurant. These are fantastic spaces that take full advantage of everything E&O has to offer, including their exquisite modern Asian fusion cuisine.


Cuisine: Traditional Italian

Decor: Modern

Palio prides itself on its changing seasonal menu and authentic Italian cuisine. They also ensure that their 30+ years legacy thrives, as they recently remodeled the entire restaurant and redesigned their website. Palio has three beautiful spaces available for wedding receptions. The Bakery tends to be the favored choice, as it’s ideal for smaller group sizes.

Palio - Private Dining Option One: Bakery

Seats 20 guests

Bakery private dining at Palio restaurant in San Francisco - white tablecloth with white floral arrangements with greenery
Bakery private dining room, photo courtesy of Palio

If you’re looking for a small space that is fully private, the Bakery room is a great choice. This space is located at the back of the restaurant and is fully private. It is also adjacent to a private outdoor patio. The Bakery seats up to 20 seated guests at one long table, so it is perfect for small civil ceremonies with a limited number of guests.

Palio - Private Dining Option Two: San Pietro Room

Seats up to 50 guests

San Pietro Room in Palio - tables with hollow center
One table setup option in the San Pietro Room, photo courtesy of Palio
San Pietro Room of Palio in San Francisco, showing long table with chairs on either side
Long table with bar in the San Pietro Room, photo courtesy of Palio

Like the Bakery, the San Pietro Room is fully private and located at the back of the restaurant. It’s generally the most popular private dining option for lunch and dinner at Palio, although not necessary for city hall receptions.

The recent renovation retained the floor to ceiling windows that fill this room with natural light. Adjacent to this space is a private outdoor patio that makes for a wonderful addition to your gathering. This room is quite versatile, with multiple dining and seating options, making it perfect for larger San Francisco City Hall wedding receptions.

Palio - Private Dining Option Three: Campo del Palio

Seats 50 to 100 guests

Private dining room (Campo del Palio) for larger city hall wedding receptions at Palio in San Francisco

Campo del Palio is the main dining room of the restaurant and can be reserved for at least 50 guests and no more than 100 seated. Palio has re-imagined this space to make it as flexible as possible for different sizes of groups. It’s worth checking out if your San Francisco City Hall reception ends up on the bigger side.

Wayfare Tavern

Cuisine: American, comfort food

Vibe: Upscale British pub

Maribel and Ismael wedding photo outside Wayfare Tavern after their SF City Hall wedding

Fine dining and traditional American comfort food merge at Tyler Florence's flagship restaurant, Wayfare Tavern. The menu changes often so be sure to check their website for their latest offerings. You'll find dishes ranging from unique salads to fried chicken and even lobster at this fun yet classy restaurant.

Wayfare offers three private dining areas that offer a variety of options for all types and sizes of groups:

Wayfare Tavern - Private Dining Option One: The Billiards Room

Seats 10 to 14 guests

SF City Hall reception private dining at Wayfare Tavern - Billiards Room for 10-14 seated guests, showing single large table with decorate bookcase on far wall

Let's start with the first private dining room that you'll discover in Wayfare Tavern: The Billiards Room. Located on the second floor, The Billiards Room is the smallest of the three rooms as it only seats 10 to 14 guests at its pool table that converts into a gorgeous wood top dining table. This convenient size makes it perfect for a small private lunch or dinner after your city hall wedding!

Wayfare Tavern - Private Dining Option Two: The Sequoia

Seats up to 50 guests

In our experience, this is the most popular room at Wayfare Tavern for wedding receptions after SF City Hall weddings.

Candid wedding reception photo in The Sequioa room at Wayfare Tavern in San Francisco
Candid wedding reception photo in The Sequoia at Wayfare Tavern

The Sequoia is the room that Wayfare designed to impress every guest. Located on the fourth floor, Wayfare made sure that this room took advantage of its location and history in every way possible. An old vault was previously located on this level, so they transformed it into a private dining space within the room itself. The full bar is also quite impressive and perfect for a reception, and the versatile seating accommodates up to 50 guests. The highlight of this room is its incredible skylight view of the Transamerica Pyramid.

Jenny and Brian's reception in the Sequoia Room.

Wayfare Tavern - Private Dining Option Three: The Bartlett Room

Seats 20 to 50 guests

The Bartlett Room at Wayfare Tavern in San Francisco, showing four rectangular tables with 6 chairs each
Photo courtesy of Wayfare Tavern

Located on the third floor, The Bartlett Room provides the most space and versatility of the three rooms. Tables can be placed either end to end for a king’s table or arranged throughout the room to seat up to 60 guests. There are other desirable features including a sound system, large TV, and use of their brand new bar.

bride and groom in front of Wayfare Tavern

Wherever you choose to dine at Wayfare Tavern, you won't be disappointed. For a full look at all the options available, visit the private dining page of their website.

La Mar Cebicheria Peruana

Cuisine: Peruvian, Seafood-focused

Vibe: Vibrant, Colorful, Minimalist

La Mar Cebicheria Peruana is a popular option for SF City Hall wedding receptions. And it’s no wonder - groups are delighted by every aspect of this restaurant, from the history to the ambiance to the food itself. Chef Gaston uses authentic Peruvian cuisine to craft unique, colorful, fresh dishes that aim to please all of your senses.

La Mar is located in the historic Pier 1 ½ on the waterfront, with views of the San Francisco Bay. It’s an expansive building with multiple dining options for every group size. The Patio is the most popular choice, as it’s a heated area with removable tented sides. They love to host luncheons after city hall weddings, preferably with a start time of 11:30am or 1:30pm. Keep those times in mind when scheduling your civil ceremony. Luncheons start at $44 per person with flexible meal options, including passed appetizers.

Bonus - La Mar is partially outdoors, so there is plenty of ventilation in most of the dining spaces. San Francisco restaurants are all practicing COVID safety, and La Mar’s existing space makes gatherings even safer. View all La Mar's group dining options.

La Mar - Dining Option One: Reserve single large table in the main dining room or patio

Group size: Flexible

When reserving, work with the staff to arrange the space in a way that fits your needs best. La Mar designs this type of reservation with a preset lunch menu that starts at $49 per guest, which is served family-style to the table.

Long table on the patio - La Mar in San Francisco
Patio dining, photo courtesy of La Mar Cebicheria Peruana

La Mar's patio is fully customizable and can host parties of any size, up to 90 seated or 150 standing. For typical city hall reception luncheons, you would reserve a single large table.

La Mar main dining room
The main dining room, photo courtesy of La Mar Cebicheria Peruana

The main dining room of La Mar is stunning and colorful, yet minimalistic. You have the option of reserving a large table in this space, just as you would on the patio.

La Mar - Dining Option Two: Cebiche Lounge

Group size: 15-60

Cebiche Lounge in La Mar Cebicheria Peruana in San Francisco, showing long tables against the wall with bench and chair seating
Cebiche Lounge, photo courtesy of La Mar Cebicheria Peruana

The Cebiche Lounge has high-top tables and a full bar, and is located in a partially-private space close to the main dining room and front entryway. Like the Patio, this lounge area has flexible options, including a cocktail party for up to 70 guests or a seated luncheon for at least 15 guests. La Mar offers passed appetizers, open bar packages, and beverages upon consumption to help you meet the food and beverage minimum.

La Mar - Dining Option Three: Meson del Chef (Chef's Table)

Seats up to 22 guests

Chef's Table at La Mar for private dining
Chef's Table, photo courtesy of La Mar Cebicheria Peruana

The Chef’s Table is perfect for small groups, making it perfect for small SF City Hall receptions! This area is mostly private, in its own corner of the restaurant. While the seating isn’t flexible (it’s a single long table in the room), the meal is customizable, with four family-style menus to choose from. You’ll work with the staff and the chef to create a custom dining experience for your party.

La Mar - Dining Option Four: Lobby Bar

Group size: Up to 75 guests

Lobby Bar at La Mar for a reservable dining space
The Lobby Bar, photo courtesy of La Mar Cebicheria Peruana

While this may not be a common option for SF City Hall receptions, we still have to mention this beautiful space! The Lobby Bar is a gorgeous area lined with huge windows that overlook the Embarcadero and downtown skyline. Like the other dining areas at La Mar, in the Lobby Bar you can choose from flexible menu options, including passed appetizers, buffet stations, action stations, bar packages, and beverages. When reserving this space, the staff does place a welcome sign at the entrance to ensure that the space remains your own during your reserved time.


Cuisine: Mexican, with a San Franciscan twist

Vibe: Simple, rustic

Tacolicious is well known for its catering of local events, including weddings. Who doesn’t love tacos?! Ashley and Malorie had Tacolicious cater their reception after their San Francisco City Hall wedding, and it was a huge hit.

While they have five locations, only one is close to San Francisco City Hall and is ideal for dining after a ceremony. The Mission location on Valencia has a private dining room that is equipped to play your own music, videos, and slideshows.

To make things even simpler, and tastier, Tacolicious offers a fixed menu for your guests. When it comes to tacos, they know their stuff! Every lunch and dinner package has a few options to choose from, so check out the Tacolicious Private Dining Packet for a full list of packages.

Tacolicious Private Dining - Mission location (Valencia St)

Group size: 50 seated or 75 standing

Tacolicious private dining room - mission district
Private dining room at Tacolicious in Mission District, photo courtesy of Tacolicious

Tacolicious in the Mission District has a private dining room with a colorful, rustic vibe. The room accommodates larger groups, but can be customized for small groups in a semi-private space.



Honorable mentions

These restaurants are excellent choices for your reception after your city hall wedding. Most of these are only open during specific days of the week or times of day, so you're a bit more limited.

Closest: Absinthe - walking distance from San Francisco City Hall, but closed Monday and Tuesday

Exciting: Merkado - super cool vibe, cuisine specific to Jalisco in Mexico - but closed Monday through Wednesday

Historic: John’s Grill - the first restaurant to open after the 1906 SF earthquake. They have hosted numerous celebrities over the past century. The private dining room is very small, seating 14 at one long table or 20 at two round tables. It also lacks natural light which isn't ideal for wedding photos. (There is also a private dining option for 50-60 guests, which isn't a typical city hall reception size.)

Wedding Photos: Sessions at The Presidio - Since it’s in the Presidio, it’s not super accessible for guests; it can be tricky to find parking. But if you are already at the Presidio for wedding photos, it is convenient to dine here afterward. Plus, the view from the patio is beautiful. There are three private dining rooms to choose from, depending on the size of your party.

Seafood: Scoma’s on Fisherman’s Wharf - Three private spaces to choose from. Excellent seafood sourced directly from the wharf. They pride themselves on being "pier to plate.” But, they are closed Monday through Wednesday.

Wine & Authentic Italian: North Beach Restaurant - Three private dining options that accommodate 8 people all the way up to 100. The Wine Cellar is a popular option for slightly larger groups (up to 50 or 70 seated guests). Only downside? It's closed Mondays and Tuesdays, and typically is only open for dinner. However, they do have luncheon options so as long as it's not a Monday or Tuesday, you can book a lunch reception with them.

Wine Cellar private dining room at North Beach Restaurant, showing a large rectangular table in center of room with 24 chairs around it, fully set for dinner
Wine Cellar private dining room at North Beach Restaurant

Fine Dining: Spruce - This restaurant deserves to be in the top recommended restaurants as it offers three private rooms that are perfect after most SF City Hall weddings. The Shiraga Room seats 12, the Library seats 18, and the Laurel Room seats 40. Bonus - they're open every day! We simply don't have more photos or details to share so for now, it will be an honorable mention. We did photograph Allyson & Patrick's wedding reception there and saw firsthand how gorgeous it was, with magnificent food!

Reception at Spruce after Allison and Patrick's SF City Hall wedding - candid photo
Candid photo of Allison & Patrick's reception in the Laurel Room at Spruce after their SF City Hall wedding

Ready to Book?

We hope this list helps guide you in your search for the perfect restaurant for your San Francisco City Hall wedding reception. If you know a restaurant that deserves to be on this list, please email

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