SF City Hall 4th Floor Wedding: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re planning a private wedding ceremony at San Francisco City Hall, you’re likely getting married on the 4th floor. Or maybe you’re still researching which spot to pick. Either way, you’re in the right place. I have photographed weddings at SF City Hall for more than a decade, and many of these are one-hour weddings. This is everything you need to know about SF City Hall 4th floor weddings.

When it comes to SF City Hall weddings, most people think of civil ceremonies. Those are the public ceremonies at the top of the grand staircase, with at most a small handful of guests. It’s less than ten minutes long and you’re done. This is not the case for private one-hour weddings. These weddings are, as the name states, an hour long.

So, let’s get into it. This is your ultimate guide to getting married on the fourth floor of San Francisco City Hall.

San Francisco City Hall wedding photography - Channing and Eric, photo 6
Private Fourth Floor Ceremony at San Francisco City Hall

North vs South Gallery

For simplicity’s sake, when I refer to the fourth floor, I mean the North Gallery. You can also get married in the South Gallery, but hardly anyone does that. It’s not even an option on the booking calendar. Sunlight streams through the windows of the South Gallery all day, so it’s glaringly bright and horrible for pictures.

So. This is all about the 4th Floor North Gallery.

The Space

Before scheduling your wedding, you want to make sure that the space is appropriate for your guest count. The fourth floor accommodates 100 guests. If you would like seating (which is what I almost always see with larger groups), City Hall can provide up to 60 chairs. This means that the remaining 40 guests would stand behind the chairs along the back wall. (See the photo below).

one hour ceremony, seated guests, private ceremony in San Francisco City Hall

After the wedding, when the chairs are whisked away, the fourth floor is an incredible space for photos. I can easily take a whole group shot on the 4th floor.

The atmosphere of the fourth floor is the best in the entire building. It feels light, airy, and grand, as there is no ceiling directly overhead. Overall, you get a sense of grandeur that doesn’t exist elsewhere in the building, or honestly in many buildings that you’ll likely visit in your lifetime.

In my opinion, the best thing about the 4th floor is the privacy. (And the photography of course, but I'll get to that in a little bit.) Since you’re already on the topmost floor, there are no upper levels looking down. And due to the layout, anyone below you can’t see much, either. The staff will also rope off the area to prevent the public from entering the space.

So, assuming you have less than 100 guests, you have an incredibly airy, spacious, gorgeous, private, grand ceremony venue when choosing the 4th floor.

The Photos

Every couple and group I photograph in SF City Hall gets photos on the 4th floor. In fact, it’s where we spend most of our time. Every civil ceremony I photograph, I immediately take them to the 4th floor afterward for most of their pictures.

Here, the lighting is the best in the entire building. There is no other area that comes close. I can take pictures in the middle of the hallway, along the railing, and along the windows. It’s my favorite area of city hall, and has natural light no matter the month or time of day.

By having your marriage ceremony on the fourth floor, you are guaranteed beautiful photos before, during, and after the wedding.

You're also guaranteed beautiful photos with an experienced City Hall wedding photographer. Contact me so I can check my availability for your wedding date.

Marie and Lorenzo 4th floor wedding ceremony
Marie & Lorenzo's beautiful October 2021 wedding


For private weddings, you must supply your own officiant. You can either get a friend or family member to officiate (here's how to become a deputy marriage commissioner for a day), or hire a professional officiant. I have some recommendations on my preferred vendors page.


The rental fee is $1000, and has remained unchanged for several years. While civil ceremony and license costs increase every year, this has been a flat rate for a long time. This rental fee covers use of the space up to 100 standing guests and does not include chairs. If you would like chairs set up for your guests, you are limited to 60 chairs. Any extra guests would need to stand at the back of the space.

There is an additional rental fee for chairs. If you want to rent 60 folding chairs, it would cost $210. Check the City Hall Events Equipment page for current options and rates.

Another cost to keep in mind is your marriage license fee. As of October 2023, the marriage license fee is $113. Make an appointment here.


SF City Hall has an online calendar where you can view availability before calling. This is so much more convenient, and I love that they have this option now. So, make sure to check the calendar with some dates and times in mind before calling.

They now have the option to book your wedding two years ahead of time!

Food and Drinks

In the past, San Francisco City Hall permitted outside food and drinks. That is no longer permitted. This rule was implemented before the pandemic, so it is not COVID-related.

Acoustic String Musicians

Two string musicians play during ceremony on the fourth floor of San Francisco City Hall

I love when weddings bring in music for their ceremony. It’s such a lovely touch. Keep in mind that only acoustic string musicians are permitted, with no more than two performing together. Since this venue is public, they are strict about this. You must choose from City Hall Event’s approved musicians list. I have my own favorites from this list - view my current recommendations on my preferred vendors page.


Private one-hour weddings start as early as 9:00 am, Monday through Friday. The latest appointments start at 3:00 pm.

The time limit of one hour is very strict. At the beginning of the hour, staff will rope off the area, and you can get started. At the end of the hour, staff will enter and start removing chairs and will remove the ropes. So make sure to use every minute wisely!

Once the space is cleared, it is easier to take certain photos. As a skilled SF City Hall wedding photographer, I make sure to take advantage of every moment.


Parking near San Francisco City Hall can be difficult. Street parking is very hard to find. Remember that you are in the middle of the city and this building is a popular tourist destination. However, there is a parking garage that I recommend. It’s located on McAllister, next to Civic Center Plaza. It is underground, which makes it easy to miss. Look for the single Parking sign above the entrance.

bride entering 4th floor private wedding ceremony at city hall
Bride entering the 4th floor ceremony area, through the roped off area.


If you haven’t already assigned someone to help you coordinate during the marriage ceremony, I am happy to help while photographing. I have a ton of experience with this and end up doing it for almost every wedding anyway. I’ll help with timing, seating of guests, get the cue from the officiant that it’s time for the bride to walk in, and anything else that’s needed.

Seating Arrangement

Honestly, I don't think I have ever seen the seats arranged any other way than the standard theater arrangement. This is where all the seats are in rows facing the bride and groom, with an aisle between them. City Hall staff only sets this up in this way. However, while they do set them up in theater style, you are welcome to rearrange them however you like.

bride standing with parents at beginning of fourth floor private wedding ceremony in SF City Hall with multiple seated guests in background
A side front view to show space and seating.

Does SF City Hall have a Private Ceremony Room?

No, San Francisco City Hall does not have any private rooms available for weddings. All reservable spaces are public areas inside the building, which are roped off during your reserved ceremony time. There are three available spaces for one-hour weekday weddings: The two 4th Floor Galleries (North and South) and the Mayor's Balcony. As mentioned, the South Gallery isn't even an option in my opinion. Two hour weddings on Saturdays are on the Grand Staircase, and you don't have to deal with any public on Saturdays since the building is closed.

What about the Mayor's Balcony?

That is a topic for another post, which I will post soon! Note that I wrote about 4th floor first because it's the only option I recommend for one-hour weddings. Take my word for it. For now though, check out Leanna and Zach's Mayor's Balcony wedding photos (and story).

I hope that I answered all your questions about getting married on the 4th floor of San Francisco City Hall! Get in touch if you need any more guidance, or are interested in my San Francisco City Hall wedding photography.

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