Vickie and Minyu's San Francisco City Hall wedding photography by Red Eye Collection

Vickie & Minyu’s Private SF City Hall Wedding in the Spring

Vickie and Minyu San Francisco City Hall wedding photography

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect spring day in San Francisco. One of the first really nice days we've had this year. Just clear blue sky and warm sunshine. We had a great time running around the crazy streets of SF. These two were so laid back and sweet - it made my job incredibly easy. Vickie and Minyu’s wedding day was not only blessed by beautiful spring weather, but also by choosing to have a private City Hall ceremony. As their San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer, we also felt blessed to take part in their special day.

We have scoped out all the best spots, the exact right angles, the most dramatic backgrounds and perspectives, and mastery of the tricky lighting issues that can make or break even the best photo shoot. That’s why Vickie and Minyu chose us, and we were honored to be part of their wonderful event.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photographer

We have all been to weddings where the photography takes place all in one spot, and if the place is right, that’s fine with us. A San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer certainly has plenty to work with just using the inside and outside of that grand building. Vickie and Minyu took it one giant step further, and we loved going on this adventure with them, getting incredible photos throughout SF. Their wonderful romance and obvious willingness to share their joy with everyone around them are so apparent. We covered so many of the iconic San Francisco landmarks, including the Cable Cars and the pier.

As their San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer, I was so excited, not only to get to tell the story of their love affair in this beautiful city, but to benefit from their laid-back, sweet attitude while running around the crazy streets of San Francisco. It takes patience and time to get just the right poses, angles, lighting, and composition. Vickie and Minyu seemed like they had been models all their lives! Our job was so easy as a result, and lots of fun, too! What we ended up with is a portfolio of their love for the city and for each other.

Vickie and Minyu - thank you guys for everything!

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