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The VW Booth at DBX Fest 2018

DBX Fest 2018 was a huge success! Dropbox has an annual company picnic for their employees and their families, and we were thrilled and honored to have been a part of it this year. The VW Booth, our exclusive VW bus photo booth, was a hit at this event. With almost 1000 guests in attendance and over 800 photos taken in the booth, we don't think the bus has ever been this busy. It was a magical, beautiful, fulfilling, and FUN day for everyone in attendance.

silly couple poses inside vw bus photo booth

Just after arriving Saturday morning, a couple hours before the event was set to begin at 11 am, we had to step out and take a few photos. The theme of DBX Fest 18 was "desert oasis" and we just loved how it was all put together. The event coordinator, Yaz Quiles of pop! by Yaz, did an incredible job.

The bus fit in perfectly with the entire setup.


Just take a look at our surroundings! And that ferris wheel! It really was a beautiful day in San Francisco.

the vw booth near the carousel at DBXFest 18

A Unique Company Event

Not only was it a beautiful day with amazing decor, but the style of the event really was unique. There were so many cool tents and events for the guests, including a rosé bar, dessert stations, food trucks from Off the Grid, five DJs throughout the event, Lego land, tons of games, and so much more.

Happy Cake Face Painting transformed so many faces. Face paint isn't just for kids!

couple with face paint pose with funny food props inside vw bus photo booth

Since it was a family picnic, there were lots of kids, both human and pup! They even had attendants available to watch the kids and dogs so that the adults could go on rides. Plus there was a little dog park area for the dogs to run around and play. We love how inclusive this event was for everyone.

So, of course, we loved having the dogs inside The VW Booth with their humans.

young couple with chihuahua inside vw bus photo booth
couple with black lab inside vw bus photo booth

Like any photo booth, people got ridiculous and silly. All we heard for hours was laughter, which was such a joy. This photo is one of our favorites:

couple pretends to be scared inside vw bus photo booth

Thank you again to the entire Dropbox team, Yaz, and everyone else we worked with during this event. We had a blast!

Some of our favorite photos from DBX Fest 18

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