The VW Booth bus photo booth San Francisco Bay Area - photo 5

Introducing Penny, Our VW Bus Photo Booth

The VW Booth bus photo booth San Francisco Bay Area - photo 5

For years, Oscar has had a special love for the 1960s. As a professional wedding photographer, he's harnessed that soft lighting style so prominent in photography of that decade while combining it with his own modern style. While envisioning the next step in growing the Red Eye Collection team, he knew that he had to create something unique and special. So, upon seeing a gorgeous 1968 Volkswagen bus earlier this year, he couldn't pass up the opportunity. It didn't take long to transform her into a perfect VW bus photo booth.

Isn't she gorgeous, though?? She was already in excellent condition and needed only a mild sprucing up before she was ready to show off. And she's definitely ready now. Penny has already been to a couple weddings and events in Northern California with many more to follow.

Bride and groom sitting in doorway of VW bus photo booth

Her Name is Penny

When Oscar first started Red Eye Collection in 2010, he was supported by his amazing wife, Melissa. While she worked in the public school system, the two of them strived to make this business what it is today: a thriving wedding photography team. Now Red Eye has weddings booked throughout the year, almost every weekend (and weekday with City Hall weddings!). Several years later, they were blessed with their miracle baby, little Penny. She is now a spunky two-year-old and continues to bless their world every single day. It was only natural for Oscar to name his lovely Volkswagen after his precious daughter.

We are just so excited to introduce Penny the VW bus photo booth to the world. Well, to Northern California, at least! She makes the most perfect unique addition to any event. While we at Red Eye Collection specialize in weddings, we know that Penny is a fun way to delight guests at any event. We're talking corporate events, fundraisers, grand openings, business parties, or any other event you can imagine.

To learn more about Penny and what photo booth packages she offers, check out her dedicated page.

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