Featured Casa Bella Wedding Photos, and Why I Love this Sunol Venue

Nestled in Sunol directly between Pleasanton and Fremont, you’ll find the Casa Bella Event Center. Although, if you're reading this, you may already be familiar with this magical wedding venue that offers a combination of old-world charm and dramatic modernity.

I love photographing Casa Bella weddings. As one of their preferred vendors, I have the perfect perspective on what makes it such a perfect wedding venue.

Danica and Peter's first dance in the Casa Bella ballroom.
Danica and Peter's first dance in the Casa Bella ballroom.

The Location

Casa Bella is centrally located - not just in the Bay Area, but in Sunol itself. It's easy to find since it's on Main Street, making it simple for your guests to access your venue location. There's plenty of parking for you and your guests as well!

If you're looking for a venue in Fremont, Pleasanton, Sunol, or any nearby area, it doesn't get much better than Casa Bella.

And then there's Main Street, full of landmarks within walking distance of Casa Bella that make for memorable photo opportunities. And yes, even in heels, these locations are walkable!

Since I've photographed so many weddings at Casa Bella over the last several years, I am intimately familiar with all the best spots for wedding photos. Here are a few of my go-tos:

Foothill Road

There are a few spots at Casa Bella that are naturally secluded, making it perfect for first looks. While many photographers head into Sunol Glen Park for the first look, my personal preference is Foothill Road. This particular spot is located just beyond the train station.

The width of the road, combined with the canopy of trees overhead, gives the perfect balance of natural light that I adore.

First look at Casa Bella in Sunol - Danica and Peter
Danica and Peter's first look before their Casa Bella wedding

I also love to take wedding parties onto Foothill Rd. Here's that same couple shortly after their first look, posing with their gorgeous wedding party:

Danica and Peter's wedding party at Casa Bella in Sunol

Sunol Glen Park

Across the street is the private, naturally beautiful Sunol Glen Park, open to residents of Sunol only. This quiet, peaceful space is lovely for multiple shots. We're allowed plenty of opportunity for intimate photos before the wedding.

I also love capturing the sunlight sparkling through the ivy-laden trellis stretching over the wooden bridge which leads you into the park. 

Danica and Peter on the bridge at Sunol Glen Park.
Danica and Peter on the bridge at Sunol Glen Park.

Train Station

bride and groom at Casa Bella in Sunol
Lauren and Lars on the platform at Sunol Train Station, about to embark on a new journey together.

But, the most striking and unique photo spot the town has to offer is the Sunol Train Station. Home to antique railroad signage and a selection of glorious carriages and locomotives, there are so many opportunities for fun and meaningful photos here. The expanses of rail track mean I can capture wedding parties in the perfect lighting at any time of the day. What an extraordinary place to enjoy before you’ve even entered the venue!

bride and groom on train tracks at Casa Bella
Taking a walk along the tracks in Sunol.

The tracks are only in use during select weekends, the holiday season, and special events by the Niles Canyon Railroad. And since this train station is the departing location for the train, taking photos on these tracks is very safe.

The Ceremony

Indian wedding ceremony setup and decor with flowers

Casa Bella hosts their wedding ceremonies out on their beautiful brick patio, framed by the grand pergola which offers up all manner of dramatic and romantic shots for me to snap. The pergola also keeps your I-do’s intimate, and acts as a canvas for your dream displays of flowers and decorations. It’s thrilling to see the little personal touches that couples bring to this extraordinary space.

Surrounding the patio, the fountain and the lush outer garden forms a gorgeous backdrop to the ceremony. Beyond that is the vast expanse of landscape courtesy of the Sunol Valley.

The Reception

Casa Bella wedding reception table decor

Take the party indoors with Casa Bella’s brand-new venue housing up to 250 people. This fusion of rustic and modern offers all of the amenities and all of the charm, so you don’t have to compromise to achieve the perfect aesthetic.

Stun your guests with the professional lighting and tech in addition to an impressive selection of gold Chiavari chairs, ivory/white table linens, and farmhouse tables.

black and white photo of bride and groom kissing under LOVE sign

Even before you add your own personalized décor, the room photographs spectacularly. It’s easy for me to capture those special moments between friends and family around the vast ballroom or the cozy fireplace in the lounge.

The Bridal Room & Honeymoon Suite

Sonia in the Bridal Room getting ready before her wedding.
Sonia in the Bridal Room getting ready before her wedding.

Those informal pre-ceremony instances between the bride and her bridesmaids are best captured in a space that feels warm and inviting. Casa Bella’s Bridal Room offers you a stylish yet homey area to share in the excitement of the big day. It’s a real privilege to be invited into this private space to take photos of the preparations. The laughter and the tears expressed in the luxury of the Bridal Room are never forgotten.

bride getting ready with bridesmaids

Then, later in the evening, the Bridal Room can effortlessly transform into the couple’s Honeymoon Suite. I must admit, I can’t claim to have photographed much of what goes on in that particular space, but I’m sure there are few better places for two newlyweds to be alone together!

In summary, Casa Bella is a wedding venue in the Sunol Valley with every opportunity to accommodate the wedding of your dreams. I adore photographing this place and would thoroughly recommend you schedule a visit. And if you choose Casa Bella Event Center as the starring location for your wedding, I have been highly recommended as one of Casa Bella’s preferred photographers, with a deep and personal knowledge of the venue you won't find in anyone else.

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bride and groom walk down aisle after Indian ceremony

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