Rosa and Zach wedding photo at Casa Real in Pleasanton in the Bay Area - dancing under chandelier

Dramatic, Romantic, Elegant: Casa Real Wedding Photos

As a wedding photographer who has shot weddings all over the SF Bay Area, I can confidently say that Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery is truly exceptional. There are many things that make this venue a favorite of mine, and it's not just the stunning landscapes or the grand indoor spaces. Here's everything you need to know about why Casa Real is the perfect wedding venue, both for couples and photographers.

Have a Large Guest List?

First and foremost, Casa Real offers ample space to accommodate up to 400 guests, which is perfect for couples with large guest lists. However, since Casa Real has flexible spacing, it's great for weddings with a smaller guest list, too.

Start the day in the incredible Dressing Suite (more on that in a moment). Then your ceremony will either be held outside in the picturesque Sun Garden or indoors in the romantic Amber Room.

outdoor wedding ceremony in the Sun Garden of Casa Real
Outdoor ceremony in the Sun Garden
Casa Real wedding ceremony in the Amber Room
Ceremony inside the Amber Room

After the ceremony, your guests will appreciate the separate space for cocktail hour while you and your partner take photos around the property. The Sun Garden and Amber Room are both perfect for cocktail hour, so you would use whichever space was not utilized for the ceremony. With large guest lists, it's essential to keep a seamless flow of events, so having this separate space for cocktail hour is a huge plus.

Casa Real wedding cocktail hour in the Sun Garden
Cocktail hour outside in the Sun Garden

The flexibility ensures that you and your guests will be comfortable at all times, as the indoors spaces are fully air-conditioned during the hot summer months.

Receptions are typically held in the Grand Salon, which is a vast room with a majestic chandelier and customizable decor.

Rosa and Zach wedding photo at Casa Real in Pleasanton in the Bay Area - dancing under chandelier
Customizable dance floor underneath an impressive chandelier

The Dressing Suite

As a photographer, one of the things I love most about Casa Real is the Dressing Suite.

inside Dressing Suite of Casa Real in Pleasanton
Even this candid shot showcases some of the glamour of the Dressing Suite!

This suite is the optimal bridal suite for getting ready before the wedding. It has a beauty bar, full-length mirror, and plenty of space and lighting for photos. It's the perfect spot to capture candid moments with your bridesmaids or your family as you prepare for your big day.

Full-Service Venue

Another great feature of Casa Real is that it has a dedicated event coordinator who will be assigned to you to make the entire experience seamless. This coordinator is there to ensure that everything runs smoothly and to help you with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the planning process.

It's worth noting that Casa Real is a full-service venue that includes all of the essentials. They have their own catering team, which means that they can provide delicious meals for your guests. Additionally, they have a preferred vendor list, which includes florists, DJs, and other vendors who have worked at the venue before.

While I am not on their preferred vendor list, I am an approved photographer with Casa Real. This means that they have formally acknowledged that they are very comfortable with me as a wedding photographer and know that I will flawlessly capture your wedding day. I really do appreciate that they are strict about vendors permitted into their venue. So, ensure that any vendors you choose are either preferred or approved by your contact at Casa Real.

Overlooking the Livermore Valley

Leah & Santi - Casa Real wedding photo - vineyard
The vineyard during late fall (November)

One of the most striking things about Casa Real is its location. The venue is located in Pleasanton and overlooks the Livermore Valley, which provides stunning views that make for truly unforgettable photos. The outdoor spaces are particularly beautiful, with picturesque gardens, vineyards, and views of the surrounding hills. We love the multiple photo opportunities around this gorgeous property.

Rosa and Zach - Casa Real wedding photo
The vineyard in the summer (July)

Whether you're looking for a romantic setting for your ceremony or a picturesque backdrop for your portraits, Casa Real has it all.

Dramatic Indoor Lighting

Inside, the dramatic lighting creates a unique and vivid atmosphere that makes for some truly stunning photos. Every room has decor that is unique to that room, and the high ceilings provide plenty of opportunities for personalized decor. One of my favorite features is the chandeliers, which are available through a vendor who can custom hang them for your wedding day. With so many opportunities for photos, you can be sure that your wedding album will be full of beautiful memories that you will cherish for years to come.

Casa Real dance floor
Another chandelier and dance floor option at this Casa Real wedding reception

In conclusion, Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery is a truly exceptional wedding venue that offers everything you need for an unforgettable wedding experience. As a photographer who has had the pleasure of shooting many weddings at this venue, I highly recommend scheduling a visit to fully appreciate all that Casa Real has to offer. From the breathtaking landscapes to the grand indoor spaces, this venue has it all. And if you're looking for a photographer who is approved by Casa Real and has plenty of experience shooting at the venue, please get in touch with me to learn more about my photo packages for your Casa Real wedding.

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