A December Wedding at Long Branch Saloon & Farms

Dulcie and Zach had a fun, eclectic wedding at Long Branch Saloon & Farms in December. Fortunately, we live in California with mild winters, but Half Moon Bay does tend to get a bit chillier. It was definitely chilly at this wedding, especially when the sun started to go down.

But that's what campfires are for:

We're getting ahead of ourselves! Let's back up a bit to the beginning of Dulcie and Zach's love story and this unique wedding day.

Dulcie and Zach first met in college and dated for several years. They even adopted a cat together, who they absolutely adore. They even contemplated bringing her to the wedding or incorporating her into the ceremony, but...she's a cat. And like most cats, she likely wouldn't appreciate that kind of attention. Sadly, they felt that she would have been really scared at the ceremony.

So what did they do instead? Printed her face on their socks!

It is a little hard to tell from that photo, but yes that's their kitty on Zach's socks! Aww.

And we're sure you noticed Dulcie's bright blue shoes. Actually, all the bridesmaids were gifted Keds from the Rifle Paper Collection. So creative, and so much more comfortable than heels.

Keds from Rifle Paper Collection gifted to bridesmaids

Long Branch Wedding

Dulcie and Zach initially wanted a city hall wedding in San Francisco, so they had come across our photography during the initial planning stages. They decided to take a look at other venues and found Long Branch Saloon & Farms. It was in their budget and fit exactly the type of wedding they wanted: something fun and simple! On top of it all, they learned that we are a recommended photographer at Long Branch and immediately got in touch with us. We all had so much fun together!

To go with the fun and casual vibe they wanted for the wedding, the ultimate goal was a food-centric, carnival type of experience. At Long Branch, anything is possible due to the expansive location. From tiny intimate weddings to those with hundreds of guests, Long Branch can do anything. It's a very flexible space, with natural beauty everywhere, creating a perfect backdrop for any wedding. Plus, the rustic buildings make for a really fun experience for every guest.

Oh, but back to the carnival vibe! This was such a fun, exciting part of the wedding. Dulcie and Zach wanted their guests to have fun, and they wildly succeeded. They got three food trucks with three different cuisines (Indian, Meditteranean, and a poke bar).

Plus casino tables!

There was also a coffee/tea/hot cocoa bar, which was perfect for warming up on this chilly December night.

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, they served a variety of desserts that appealed to everyone. We are huge fans of the modern trend of breaking the mold with wedding planning, especially when it comes to dessert. Long Branch made homemade ice cream (yum!) and pastries were ordered from Neighbor Bakehouse in San Francisco.

Scroll through the photos below to get a good idea of the fun of this wedding. If you're planning a wedding and looking to think outside the box while keeping things simple, there's a lot of inspiration here!


all quotes from Dulcie

Tailoring - Hemster - "Devry was so accommodating and helpful, and so great to work with! We had our tailoring done at home, and it made everything so much easier for us."

Hair & Makeup - i see wise - "We had the most fabulous experience working with Carly! She made the whole day fun and easy and did such an amazing job!!"

Invitations - VistaPrint - "We were so fortunate to have one of our close friends design our invitations and thank you notes, so we ordered from VistaPrint and would definitely recommend them - we loved that they offered recycled paper and that they honored a sale that came up the morning after we ordered."

Flowers - Half Moon Flowers  - "Lynn did a really beautiful job."

Gown - Floravere - "Haley was so helpful and great to work with!"

Pastries - Neighbor Bakehouse - "amazing!"

Rings - Brilliant Earth - "we were most excited about for their ethically sourced metals and gems."

Food Trucks - Curry Up Now, Sajj Mediterranean, Go Fish Poke BarHighnote Coffee - "Our food was amazing!"

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