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Treasure Island wedding photo with shipping containers

The Winery SF Wedding: Annie & Leon

Photo collage from Annie and Leon's wedding at The Winery SF

We are in love with every part of Annie and Leon's Winery SF wedding. There were so many unique parts of the day and we're so excited to share them all with you. Almost every moment is inspirational for anyone out there planning a wedding.

Annie shared one tip that we want to share right away: wear something that you are excited to wear. Something that you likely will not get another chance to wear. In Annie's words, "I originally wanted to wear a sexy fitted dress for the big day but as I tried on more dresses, I realized I'll have more opportunities to wear sexy fitted dresses but when will I have another opportunity to wear a ball gown?? So I went with the ball gown but removed a few layers of fluff from underneath so it's not gigantic and then changed into a comfortable fitted sparkling party dress for the dancing part of the night. I absolutely LOVED both of my dresses."

We joined the bride and groom once they were dressed and ready. So let's start when we met up with them for their first look.

First Look Before the Wedding in San Francisco

Annie and Leon, like many of the couples we photograph, opted for a first look before the wedding. We highly recommend that everyone do a first look before their wedding, as it makes the day flow much more smoothly for everyone.

While most couples do a variation of having the groom stand somewhere by himself while the bride sneaks up on him, Annie and Leon did something a little more creative. Check it out in the photos below:

Annie and Leon's San Francisco wedding first look

Annie and Leon stood back to back, with the entire wedding party filed between them, looking amazing in burgundy and navy blue. (The wedding party looked amazing in burgundy and navy blue, by the way!) As the party filed away, Annie and Leon turned to face each other in a simultaneous first look. Such an adorable, clever idea!

Treasure Island Wedding Photos

After a few San Francisco Cable Car photos with the wedding party, we all drove into Treasure Island where The Winery SF is located. We are in love with this wedding venue! It's such a gorgeous, convenient location, with outdoor and indoor options for weddings.

Around the corner from The Winery SF is an area full of shipping containers. We knew they would make for really fun wedding photos. The shipping containers were a fun contrast with the gorgeously elegant bride and groom.

Treasure Island wedding photo at the shipyard

We had so much fun creating these photos! Plus it was really convenient to grab these shots and head right over to The Winery SF for the ceremony and reception.

Wedding at The Winery SF

When scoping out venues for both their ceremony and reception, Annie and Leon gravitated toward San Francisco. Ideally, they wanted their wedding within the city itself or at a place that showcased the San Francisco skyline. With The Winery SF, they got both! The Bay Bridge made for an incredible ceremony background. With the wedding party's attire against this beautiful backdrop, we were in love with every image during this ceremony.

I mean, look at this setup!

Ceremony at The Winery SF with Bay Bridge in background

When scrolling through the entire gallery at the bottom of this post, make sure to check out the photos of the wedding party on the rocks by the water. Stunning, absolutely stunning, every single one of them.

Reception at The Winery SF

After the outdoor ceremony, everyone headed into the barrel room inside The Winery SF. This reception venue is a perfectly modern yet intimate setting, which is exactly what Annie and Leon were looking for. Plus, we love the look of the barrels lining the entire wall!

After they cut the cake and had their first dance together, they joined their parents for a really cute choreographed dance. This really kicked off the dancing for the night. Since they had a videographer, we are lucky enough to be able to share this moment with you!

Annie just couldn't stop smiling and it was contagious!

After a little bit of dancing, and some boba from the boba bar, Annie snuck off to change into a sparkly party dress. She was much more comfortable dancing and celebrating with everyone for the rest of the evening.

Thank you again to Annie and Leon for including us in your creative, inspired, stunning wedding day at The Winery SF. We wish you all the happiness in the world!


Videographer - Final Frame - From the bride: "I personally am not a fan of the standard wedding videos that start out with slow, emotional music panning across the venue. My husband and I knew our wedding was going to be a party and wanted our video to reflect that. We were looking for a videographer who can make our wedding video look like a music video and be as fun as our wedding. This is surprisingly hard to find! When Graham showed us his most recent wedding video at the time, my husband and I turned to each other and both said 'wow, that's us.'"

Wedding Dress - Stella York from Bo Lee Bridal in Santa Clara

Reception Dress - LuLus.com

Photographer - Us, of course. But we had to share what Annie wrote about us! "We were looking for photos that were a modern soft style with really good use of natural lighting so when we came across Red Eye Collection's portfolio we were thrilled! His fantastic personality was a nice bonus!" (Thank you, Annie!)

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