San Francisco City Hall Wedding Package

San Francisco City Hall – The Perfect Wedding Choice

San Francisco City Hall is one of the most stunning buildings in the Bay Area. It boasts architecture unlike any other structures in San Francisco, inside and out. Tourists and locals alike flock to this gorgeous building throughout the week, while admiring the large number of couples flowing in and out of City Hall every hour. City Hall can accommodate six weddings every hour! Some couples elope while others plan a more elaborate ceremony, but they all choose San Francisco City Hall for their wedding due to its simultaneous grandeur and simplicity.

Also, the price is right!
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San Francisco City Hall Wedding Costs

All couples getting married in California must obtain a marriage license, including those getting married at San Francisco City Hall. A wedding at San Francisco City Hall is still a courthouse wedding, just more beautiful and fun than most! Marriage licenses are $108. Appointments can be made through the County Clerk website. You must have a license before your ceremony!

There are two types of weddings at San Francisco City Hall: public and private.

Public weddings, or civil ceremonies, cost $81 and are by reservation only. Schedule your appointment online through the County Clerk’s website. These weddings are considered “public” since they are performed at the top of the rotunda steps, where anyone is free to watch or walk through. Remember, this building is open to the public! Passersby can actually make for some fun wedding photos!

Private weddings, considered a “wedding package” according to the County Clerk, cost $1,002. These beautiful weddings can take place in one of three locations in City Hall and are closed to the public during the wedding. Call (415) 554-6079 for more information.

SF City Hall Wedding package

The County Clerk’s office defines the San Francisco City Hall wedding package as a private wedding taking place on either the Mayor’s Balcony (so named as the SF Mayor’s office is located there), 4th Floor South Balcony or 4th Floor North Balcony. All locations are gorgeous and it really is a matter of personal preference.

This private wedding is considered a weekday wedding package as it accommodates significantly more guests than a civil ceremony (private wedding). With private weddings, only six guests are permitted to attend; with public weddings, your guest list can go up to 100! City Hall can also provide seating for your guests for an extra fee.

San Francisco City Hall Weekday Wedding Packages only take place during public hours (Monday through Friday before 4pm).

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San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography

We at Red Eye Collection have been photographing San Francisco City Hall weddings since 2010. We shoot multiple weddings every month and am intimately familiar with every aspect of City Hall.

We love to cater to each couple’s unique needs, and thus doesn’t necessarily offer a one size fits all San Francisco City Hall wedding photography package. Prices start at $750 for wedding photos at San Francisco City Hall, but the best way to determine your individual needs is by contacting us. We pride ourselves on being forthright and making it as easy as possible for our clients.


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