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Bay Area Wedding Photography

Photo Ops

  • Cable Cars
    We’re wrapping up our series of unique San Francisco photographer-approved photo ops this week with the iconic Cable Cars!  (At the bottom of this post you’ll find links to our other photo op spots.)  All of our featured locations are absolutely perfect for both engagement and wedding photos. Cable Cars: An Icon of San Francisco […]
  • China Beach
    When scoping out the best spots for wedding or engagement photos on a San Francisco beach, it’s likely you’ve come across Baker Beach. Since it has excellent views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Baker Beach is a wildly popular spot for photo ops and get-togethers alike. Due to its popularity, we find that this beach […]
  • Fort Point
    Fort Point – One of a Kind for Wedding Photos There is literally no other place like Fort Point in all of California. Actually, it’s one of its kind on the entire West Coast. Fort Point was built to defend the San Francisco Bay from attack during the Civil War and its architecture is only […]
  • Shakespeare Garden at Golden Gate Park
    It’s very possible that you’re reading this having never even heard of Shakespeare Garden. Perhaps you’ve been to Golden Gate Park a zillion times thinking you’d seen it all; there’s the de Young Museum, the Conservatory of Flowers, Koret Children’s Quarter, the Arboretum, Japanese Tea Garden…we could go on. But don’t worry, it may seem […]
  • Sutro Baths/Lands End Lookout
      Go to the Sutro Baths on any day and no matter the weather, you’re likely to see a photographer in action. Why is this spot so popular?  Besides the backdrop of the magnificent Pacific Ocean and the fact that your photos make you look like you’re walking on water, the Sutro Baths have an […]
  • Top 5 Spots for Wedding & Engagement Photos in San Francisco
    The Best Places in San Francisco for Wedding and Engagement Photos If you’ve been following our blog lately, you’ve seen some glimpses of our absolute favorite places in San Francisco.  Well, for photos that is!  When couples ask us to take them somewhere in the city for engagement photos, or recommendations for where to head […]

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Photography

VW Bus Photo Booth

  • Introducing Penny, Our VW Bus Photo Booth
    ~September 21, 2018~ For years, Oscar has had a special love for the 1960s. As a professional wedding photographer, he's harnessed that soft lighting style so prominent in photography of that decade while combining it with his own modern style. While envisioning the next step in growing the Red Eye Collection team, he knew that he had to create something unique and special. So, upon seeing a gorgeous 1968 Volkswagen bus earlier this year, he couldn't pass up the opportunity. It didn't take long to transform her into a perfect VW bus photo booth.
  • The VW Booth at DBX Fest 2018
    ~January 29, 2019~ We were honored to be a part of the 2018 Dropbox annual company picnic!

Wedding Photography

  • Five Reasons Why You Need to do a First Look on your Wedding Day
        We always recommend doing a first look As wedding photographers with experience with hundreds of weddings over the past several years, we highly recommend doing a first look before your wedding.  Many think that this breaks too much with tradition, but we disagree.  Who said that you have to wait until the actual […]
  • Our 9 Favorite Detail Wedding Photos
    ~December 3, 2018~ We love photographing details at every wedding and we're excited to share our favorites

Wedding Planning

  • 6 Tips to Finding a Hotel for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day
    ~January 7, 2018~ The list of things to figure out for your wedding day can seem endless, which is why choosing the perfect hotel for getting ready often ends up as the last priority. Trust us though, taking some time to scope out the best hotel for wedding day prep is worth it.
  • A Guide to Having Perfect Wedding Day Hair
    ~January 25, 2019~ Start NOW when prepping your hair for your wedding.
  • Grooming Tips for the Groom
    ~May 2, 2019~ Excellent advice for all grooms-to-be!
  • How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget
    ~May 17, 2018~ Frugal weddings are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the San Francisco area. Young couples have less and less money to spend than past generations and are re-prioritizing how they spend their money.
  • San Francisco City Hall Wedding Reception
    Updated for Spring & Summer 2019!~ We're often asked about the best places to take family and friends after the ceremony. We've compiled this list of dining options just for you!
  • The 3 Best Hotels Near San Francisco City Hall
    ~August 16, 2018~ As San Francisco City Hall wedding photographers, couples ask us all the time where they should stay before and after the wedding. Since many of them are traveling from out of town, or even from another state or country, they get overwhelmed with all the hotel options in the city. It's nice to have a hotel relatively close to City Hall, while still enjoying lovely amenities and a nice space for getting ready.
  • Winter Wedding Color Trends
    ~December 17, 2017~ Popular color trends for winter weddings